Life on the inside. I've been sentenced 18 years to life and The Wardens are doing their best to drive me even crazier.

Pick a Topic!

Happy Monday everyone! (Not)

So, this week I have a few ideas on topics, which one do you want to hear about? Maybe I will find time to do two, even! Let me know!

Autism – a scary word for most parents, relief for me. (Potential for a guest post!)

Babywearing versus strollers – some of the more obvious differences

Cooking from scratch – is it REALLY cheaper?

Escaping reality – what books have I read lately that help me get away?

Bad baby, Good baby – a look at babies and why the differences in their personalities don’t matter!

Let me know what you want to read about this week! You don’t have to give your opinions on any of the topics just yet, wait for the post! 🙂

In the mean time, enjoy this picture of B with my Father-in-Law working on Dad’s truck!


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5 thoughts on “Pick a Topic!

  1. Cooking from scratch!

  2. Mimi on said:

    Cooking or baby wearing. 🙂

  3. Baby wearing is a great topic.

  4. Cooking from scratch!…

  5. as much as I love/hate Autism… I really want to know what you think about cooking from scratch too!

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