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I Love Being a Mom, But Parenting Sucks.

Parenting sucks. I mean, being a mom is great. But parenting? That sucks. Know why? Because apparently it’s EVERYONE’s business. And it starts before the baby is even born.

You’re keeping the baby? You’re putting her up for adoption? You’re not finding out the gender? Your naming him/her THAT?

You’re going to do unmedicated birth? You’re going to use DRUGS? You’re going to do a home birth? You want a doctor telling you what to do?

You’re not breast feeding? You’re not covering up while your boob is hanging out? You’re supplementing? You’re NOT supplementing?

And I could go on and on. But here it gets worse. Because it starts coming from places where you’re supposed to feel supported. But you can’t please everybody.

If you chose to spank, someone says you’re abusing them. If you chose not to, someone says you’re spoiling them.

If you chose to CIO, you’re torturing your child and starving his attention. If you chose to pick him up, you are spoiling him and fostering feelings of attachment and insecurity.

If you chose to feed them mainstream food, you’re poisoning them and you’re lazy. If you chose to feed them natural and homemade foods, you’re trying too hard and think you’re better than other moms.

If you chose to use generic brand products, you’re injecting them with chemicals and setting them up for sickness. If you chose to use organic products with fewer chemicals, you’re, once again, trying too hard and think you’re better than everyone else.

If you chose to raise YOUR child, YOUR way, then you are a know-it-all, selfish, better-than-everyone-else idiot.

I hate that this is what parenting has turned into. I hate even more that it comes between families, even between couples. I hate that we aren’t even free to make choices for our children anymore. When did parenting become a public affair? Just because I am a mom, doesn’t mean I lost all of my rights as a human when I gave birth to one.

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8 thoughts on “I Love Being a Mom, But Parenting Sucks.

  1. bri - deliciously active on said:

    I don’t share my parenting tips for many of the reasons you listed above. Someone always has an opinion and I honestly don’t want to hear it. It’s like a competition, whereas parenting should be more like a support group since none of us really know what the hell we’re doing anyway!


  2. So…Stop trying to please everyone. Pick those who mean the most to you and are willingly supporting you. To the others, smile, nod and say “Thanks” and keep on trucking.


    you can do what I would do. Be Snarky.

    Are you going to keep it? Nah, I am going to leave it at your house.
    You are going to name it that? Yeah, I figured that was better than naming it after you. What were your parents thinking?
    Gender – I am hoping for a hermaphrodite. Go look it up.

    Breastfeeding – I would start going around topless all the time.

    spanking (yes and no) – Yup, I don’t want them being like you.

    CIO – The child is going to be a swimmer. He needs to exercise his lungs.

    Clingy – The child is going to be spiderman. He needs the practice.

    and so on. πŸ˜€

  3. I really think I lucked out in this department. Either that, or for once in my life I was completely unaware of any kind of “attitude” in people’s comments to me (and I’m usually so hyper-aware of censure from others that that seems highly unlikely LOL).
    There are only two mommy-issues on which I have a hard-line opinion; anything else, you do whatever is best and works for you! And I truly hope that for everyone with whom I’ve shared my experiences, or to whom I’ve shared information, it was taken in the spirit it was meant – a simple sharing of information, and what worked for me.
    Also, I totally love some of Matt’s responses. If some of those aren’t already in use by comedians, they should be πŸ˜›

  4. I’ll never forget the time I took a female childless friend… more like acquaintance…. to my best friend’s kid’s 1st birthday party. Now before you kill me, she WAS my best friend at the time, as you did not exist in my life πŸ˜‰ But Mrs.Acquaintance thought it would be appropriate to loudly express how stupid it was for the father to give the 1yo a sip of some Sprite. The party was outdoors, the juice boxes were empty, the kid was thirsty, it was his damn birthday, and that Sprite had half the sugar of the cake. There were plenty of excuses to have done it, but this man shouldn’t have needed them. She should have kept her mouth shut and let that baby have it’s tiny taste of SWEET FREEDOM on his widdle birfday. Instead, she ruined my time, and I’ll forever remember her as “that condescending, naive, stuckup wannabe parent”.
    The advisors never win. Unless you’re me. I always win. Because I’m always right πŸ˜‰

  5. It is so funny how everyone wants to tell you what you’re doing wrong but noone ever tells you when you’re doing right. The funny thing is, we may be just like those “critics” when our children get older.

    • Ugh. I know, I can already see myself asking those same questions. I don’t want to be that way! And I know I will try not to! But I also know it will probably happen at some point. *sigh*. See? Parenting sucks, even when they grow up. Lol

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