Life on the inside. I've been sentenced 18 years to life and The Wardens are doing their best to drive me even crazier.

Etsy is Taking Over!

It’s almost half way into September now and Dad and I are feeling the crunch. We were planning something big for our family in October but its still up in the air over whether we will be able to fund it or not! If you feel compelled to help, feel free to visit my Etsy shop that I have been working on all month to find something you might like! I do custom art available in a variety of forms from you printing at home to notepads and canvas prints! Here’s an example of some of my work:

My moms beloved cat, Dally, who passed away a year ago.


A set of baby shower invitations done in a safari theme.


And a piece that speaks directly to me as an autism mom, when I hear someone say “I’m sure he can be fixed.” My heart breaks just a little. I made this piece of art for any mother or father out there that may struggle with similar pain, available for little girls as well.


Please help a momma out and tell your friends!

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