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Who Inspired My Love of Food?


I am introducing a new mini-series of posts this week! Yay!
It’s no secret that I love to bake and cook, that I love food and foodie experiences, and that even when I am sick, I turn to my kitchen to feel better. However, something that few of you know, is where I gained this love and who inspired and fostered it within me.

Therefore, I will introduce three rules of cooking that I derived from the people in my life that had the biggests hands in my love of food!

The three rules are:

From The Traditionalist:
1) Always have enough. And if you aren’t sure how much you will need, then make more than enough.

From The Scientist:
2) When in doubt, follow the recipe. And if you don’t have a recipe, turn to the internet.

From The Guru:
3) Love each ingredient, don’t be afraid of something new, and experiement with it.

These are the three most important concepts in my kitchen, and even if they may seem slightly contradictory, it’s only because they come from three distinct individuals, who all approach cooking in a different way. 

The next few posts will feature each rule and the person they were inspired by. I will tell you a little background story for them and an experience we shared in the kichen that might have been a defining moment for me. I hope you enjoy this little series as much as I will enjoy writing it!

In the meantime, any guesses on who they are? Leave a comment below with who you think they might be!

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